June 2014 Minutes
Called to order at 7:37 by Debbie M.

Treasurer’s report: Brian J. $18000 in chequing, $6608 in paypal. There are still some outstanding invoices, and some cheques from Saint John tow fund. We have paid 50% levy to region.

Membership report: Alan G. We have 132 members as of start of meeting.

Solo Report: Joel N. 17 ASCC members attended the Saint John regional event. The most recent club event was June 7 in Lr. Sackville. We had 37 entrants. The next event ins June 18th at Scotia Speedworld.
The Digby Double is June 27-29. The quote for t-shirts was $13.59/ea (+tx) for 40, but if we ordered 48 the 8 would be only 4.93 each extra (tax incl). We also ordered 4 2xl shirts at a $2.50 (+tx) each upcharge.
Ralph G. is able to assist with providing a portable toilet at HRM events. Debbie M will speak with the Stoneridge Fellowship officials to see if that is something they will permit.
There was discussion as to if we are renting the new timing board to MMSC for the national autoslalom. Alan will check if they are interested. We will at minimum require that they have it insured and will replace if damaged.

Rally report: James P. There was a regional navigational rally June 8th. This went well. There is a rallysprint on July 20th.

Race report: Joel N. asked if it was necessary to have a go line on the track as there was concern that people were accelerating too soon on race starts and that it was causing a safety issue. There is concern that if the start is jumped, then waved off, that cars accelerating through turn 11 would not be able to see cars slowed on the straight. There was discussion also of throwing a yellow and green flag to show that a start was waved off, but to continue to accelerate so as not to be rear-ended.

MMSC will not be hosting the July race as they have in past.

Old Business: Brian has sent decal art to Gord S. Our plan is to order 300 3″ decals at approximately $0.40 each. Debbie will pursue ordering 150 4″ inside/outside stickers from a local source.

New business: There is a plan to have a raffle or prizes at Digby. Members are encouraged to reach out to businesses with whom they have a relationship for potential prizes (ie: Shirts, gift cards, gift sets, etc)
AMP did some urgent re-paving in turns 5 & 6 last week. Some of the November paving had failed and has now been repaired.

Motion to Adjourn:Chris W. 9:20pm

June 10 General Meeting Minutes

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