The AGM is done and hopefully all event dates will stick. Here are the dates we are running, pending confirmation with some of the venues:

Slalom Dates

May 3, Solo school and Test and Tune. Sackville Church
**May 10, ASCC #1 and ARMS #1. Sackville Church
**June 1, NBSCC ARMS #2. location TBD
June 7, ASCC #2. Sackville Church
June 18, ASCC #3, Scotiaspeed world.
**June 27-29, ASCC #4-5 ARMS #3-4 Digby Regional Airport. (27 will be a Test and Tune)
July 19, ASCC #6 Sackville Church
**Aug 1-3, MMSC ARMS#5-6. CAC Nationals!! Slemon park PEI. (1st will be a test and tune)
Aug 9, ASCC #7 Sackville Church
**Sept 7, ASCC #8 ARMS #7 Atlantic Motorsport Park.
**Sept 14, MMSC ARMS #8 Magic Mountain
Oct 4, ASCC #9 Sackville Church.

ARMS is holding 8 Regional events. The worst event will not be dropped. All events count toward the championship.  All events with a ** are Regionals.
Hopefully everyone will remember Aug 1-3 MMSC will be holding their Slalom at Slemon and the Canadian Autoslalom Championship. Should be a great weekend.

Regional Time Attack Dates

There are 4 time attacks scheduled, making this a Regional series again!
June 21 ASCC. AMP
July 12. AFRA AMP
Aug 16. ASCC AMP
Sept 20. AFRA AMP

All events will happen on ARMS Race weekends. So stick around for another day to watch more competition.
The price and event details are still being worked out, but every event will have the same layout and pricing,  all 4 weekends will be the same. The biggest part for competitors will be Pre-registration. We really need to know. We talked about a 1 week prior to the event date cutoff. If we don`t have the numbers then its not going to happen. We should have the numbers to make all 4 events happen and if the numbers are there then the next year we can look at more events and Prices. So these dates are up now so everyone can plan ahead.

2014 Event Dates

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