November General Meeting

Membership: 179 members for voting purposes.

Treasurer: $25496. 79 member levies for ARMS not yet billed. Last regional slalom not invoiced.

Solo report: Joel is speaking with Debert about using apron.

Rally: BAC is lookig to have navx in january or Feb. Trout lake ran well. Charlevloix had two local teams. Finished well. Big local rally will be Aug in 2017. Trying for a snow rally. Rallycross starts Nov 20. Rules for prepared class are now determined. Any changes = prepared. Novice class added.

Race report: nothing to report

Old business: ASCC AGM: trying for kartbahn. Food drive, pizza, club will pay for one session. Region AGM is dec 2-4 in Truro. Debbie is being inducted to Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame Nov 19.

New business: Joel suggested business cards with solo contact info and schedule on back.

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2016 August Minutes

Called to order 8:05 by Debbie M. 175 members. $24k in chequing.

Next solo event Aug 20. Other clubs allow non competing passengers. Should we allow this? How should we handle instructors as if they run their times are supposed to be included? Topic for AGM. 14 club members at nationals. Slemon, sept 2. Moncton doesnt have a lot for Sept 25 yet. Region Time Attack Oct 1 and 2.

Rally: lookoff july 23 and 24. 9 competitors, including from Vermont, PQ, and Ontario. Ran smoothly despite some road crew issues.
Rallysprint planned for Aug 27, but may be affected by current dry conditions.

Race: no chumpcar event. Next race Aug 21

Old business: Harold Merklinger’s photos on display at Fisherman’s cove in Eastern Passage until mid sept.

New business: no

2016 AGM still does not have a location.

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July general meeting minutes

Called to order 7:33. No treasurers report.
168 members as of meeting

Solo report Joel N. 4 events plus school since last meeting. 57 at first SSW event. 19th had 40ish. 10 students at digby school. Test and tune ran well. 49 at digby day 1. 52 Sunday. Next is this saturday at church. 15 club members now registered for nationals in Montreal.

Rally: 23rd is lookoff rally. Volunteers still needed. Next is in August.

Race: Double race weekend was last weekend. 11 cars. Chumpcar is coming up soon.


New: harold Merklinger is having a photo show at fisherman’s cove in eastern passage July to Sept. Pidge is looking at re-running 1000km long 1962 valley ralley.

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June 2016 minutes

Called to order by Alan G. 7:33
Membership report:156 members

Solo report: Joel: no events since last meeting. Saint John regional and HPDS. Greg Sweet was highest finishing member (2nd). Next event tomorrow but pre-registration was required. Will be another June 19 at Scotia Speed World. Chris W has Oregans sponsorship and banner for tomorrow’s event.

Race Report: Joel: will be a race school June 24. Needs marshalls.

Rally Report, Ian: Test and tune 2 weekends ago for performance rally cars. Lookoff July 23. Navx last Sunday. 6 entrants.

Old business:digby shirts ordered. Alan looking into software upgrade.

New business: Chumpcar will accept all Arms race cars for Chump event. This year only.

The club offers our condolences to Debbie M on the passing of her husband Ray.

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May 2016 general meeting minutes

Called to order by Alan G.
Brian J presented framed poster to Colin Pugh. His mother had created the 1962 poster that was found and we are now selling copies for the club.
Announcement that Debbie Miller has been accepted into the maritime motorsports hall of fame.

Membership: 114 members. Many joined at test ands tune

Treasurer: $1811.51, $16,087.55 in chequing. Only outstanding is
Thanks to Ralph and PBM construction for sponsoring autocross again this year.

Solo: test and tune had 63 entrants! Each got 3 runs. Next year may make school and T&T on separate days. Next event this saturday. HPDS 2 weeks from now. Is full at 32 students. Will be race car practice after, pending insurance concerns.

Race: issue of handling of red flags brought up, has been addressed with race committee. ARRCA does not like idea of continuing to stop red flag cars on track. Race school 3 weeks from today. Race classes are now based on time bracket classes. Voted by racers, and by clubs.

Rally: navx june 12 in Windsor. The roads are good. Ledwidge rally 23 July. There will be night stages.

Old: no

New: new facebook page. This is better for events and club postings. Old page will be removed. Marshall school this weekend and 3 weekends from now. Race official school May 19 for any interested.

The club offers our condolences to Debbie Miller on the loss of her mother last month.

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ASCC Slalom #1, May 14th.

Click here for full details.

Location: Stoneridge Fellowship, 85 Temple Terrace, Sackville, NS
Organizer: ASCC Solo committee
Course Set Up Workforce: ***Volunteers Needed
Timing and Scoring: James, Charlotte, Cathy Partridge, and Krista Barron
Registrar: Charlotte, Cathy Partridge and Krista Barron
Chief Scrutineer: TBD
Safety Steward: TBD
Entry Fee: $20.00 (for members of an ARMS-affiliate club).

0800: Volunteers are asked to arrive.
0830: Registration and Scrutineering Open.
1015: Registration and Scrutineering Closed.
1035: Drivers meeting.
1040: “Official” course walk.
1100: First car starts.

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ASCC High Performance Driving School, May 22-23

The ASCC HPDS is coming up, May 22-23. Classroom will be in Lower Sackville on the 22nd, with the driving component at AMP the next day. Click here for all the details and how to register.

If you want to enter lapping or time attack events, you NEED an ARMS licence. If you don’t have one, this is where you get it. More lapping licence schools may be held later in the year by other groups, but this is the big one.

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Slalom School and Test and Tune April 30th

The Slalom School is now full, but all are welcome at the test and tune in the afternoon. Check out the details here ASCC Slalom School

If you couldn’t make it into the school, you’re still welcome to compete in all of our slalom events, and we are planning a school later this year at the Digby event. Stay tuned for more.

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April general meeting minutes

Called to order at 7:30 by Alan G
PayPal 1141. Insurances paid. 15528 in chequing. Trailer registration and arms membership fee are paid.
Memberships: 75 as of start of meeting.

Solo: slalom school April 30. Is full. Hpds has 26 entrants. Church lot looks clean. Calendar is updated. Still concern over June 19 at SSW. Is booked, but could be bumped. We may try and reschedule. Brian j to prepare invoice for O’Regans sponsorship.

Rally: rallyx season done march 20. Record attendance. 1st rally is july 24. Navx rally June 12.

Race: Brian g reported that a bracket class is proposed rather than the current GT classings. It is expected to be approved at a club presidents meeting April 16. Race school is may 28th. No race in July, will be a double in June.

Old business: none

New business:Brian j: club Facebook vs forum. Scott M to revise Facebook group. Arms bylaw changes to be voted on at presidents meeting. Changes include past president as a director. Code of conduct go be added to bylaw.

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March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Called to order 7:34.
As of last week 57 members.
Treasurer, Brian J: chequing:$14853. Paypal $1010. Mostly memberships and hpds deposits. Ascc rally posters still for sale. $40.

Solo: Joel N. HPDS $250. 2 have paid deposit. Slalom school info soon. April 30th. Followed by test and tune.
1st slalom May 14th. Lr. Sackville. See ARMS forum for schedule.

Rally:Ian P. 2nd last rallycross, record entries. Good course, good weather. Last is Mar 20. Conrad Gravel pit. This will have stages, so Need codriver,co drive must attend school the night before. Volunteers needed. No spectators permitted. Lookoff Rally 23 and 24 July. Volunteers needed. navx june 12.
Navigation trophies presented to Greg Sweet (novice navigator) Patricia Duncan (novice driver) for 2015.

Marshals: Marshal school, 2nd weekend in May and Race School day. New people always welcome. See ARRCA link on ARMS forum.

Race report: TRAC guide needs to be ready for early april. Advertisers wanted. Final schedule not released. Expected this thursday.

Old: Navy blue for digby shirt.

New: AMP agm SARL is now a member club. New walls intalled, gravel to be added in 7. Some new pavement has broken up. Should be repaired. Some groups want a development track. Cost would be significant. 800m long 30′ wide. Some cost may be borne by outside groups/corporate sponsors. Could be used at same time as main track. Skid pad a possibility. New walls are costly. Renting club will be responsible for repairs.

Some new faces and introductions.

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